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Advanced Manufacturing Bases

Kehua has successively set up 4 advanced manufacturing bases in Xiamen, Zhangzhou, Jiaomei and Foshan, with a total area of nearly 200,000 square meters. The division of labor among the bases is clear. Through planning and coordination, regional advantages are given full play to ensure the punctual delivery of products.

Lean Production System

Kehua has an advanced supply chain management system in the industry, and has built a Kehua production system(KPS) featuring "quality, cost, efficiency, flexibility, agility, integration". With the lean production system, the level of intelligent and fine management and control in the production process is significantly improved, realizing the common production of multi-line products.

Perfect Equipment Configuration

Kehua has perfect equipment configuration. We have introduced advanced process control equipment, including ultrasonic steel mesh cleaning equipment, automatic steel mesh testing. We also independently developed the ATE intelligent testing, effectively improving product quality.

Professional Production Certificates

Based on ISO9001 management system, we have built IATF6949:2016 automotive quality management system to manage the quality activities of the organization in a systematic mode, and the concept of "customer-oriented" runs through every element of the standard, so that the products or services can meet the expectations of customers sustainably, so as to have continuous satisfaction of customers.