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DC charging and discharging machine for battery swap stations of passenger cars

The DC charging and discharging machine of battery swapping station for passenger vehicles consists of charging module, control system, billing system, communication system and other parts, with a power range of 420~600kW. It adopts ultra-wide range constant power module to meet the charging and battery swapping needs of electric passenger vehicles in multiple scenarios. V2G charging and discharging modules can be configured to realize bidirectional energy dispatching, orderly charging and discharging, demand-side response and other functions to increase operation income.


Ultra-wide constant power range, efficient output;Three-phase unbalance control technology, suitable for special power grid environment


Support integrated design of charging and battery swapping to improve module utilization


Multi-dimensional charging and battery swapping protection function to build the ultimate safety protection wall


Multiple independent outputs, without mutual influence, more stable operation

Technical parameter